General Information & Guidelines
 Check-in will begin at 1 pm Thursday, April 12, in the Academic Building of Commonwealth Baptist College. CBC will have our regular chapel service on Thursday are 11:00. Participants are invited to attend that service. The competitions will continue Thursday afternoon and evening. There will a special preaching service after competition Thursday evening. Competitions will resume Friday morning at 8:30 am and go through Friday afternoon. IBFAC will conclude with a banquet on Friday at 6:00 pm. Guidelines: • The Athletic & Fine Arts Competition is designed for students in grades 7 – 12. • This competition is open to students attending Christian school, public school, or home school as long as they are sponsored by an Independent Baptist church. (Independent Baptist churches are encouraged to send a group whether or not they have a Christian school.) • Parents are welcome to attend, but they are expected to abide by the IBFAC dress and conduct code. • Each student must participate in at least two events. • Registration for this event is being handled by Bro. Jared Young. Jared Young Commonwealth Baptist College 3440 Versailles Road Lexington, KY 40510 (877) 682-8318 Email: Registration: • The registration fee is $75 per church or school group. • Participants pay $5 per event up to a maximum of $30. • Registration is due Wednesday, March 21, 2018. Please register by calling downloading the registration packet online, or by requesting that a packet be mailed to your address. Payment is due upon registration. • Registration is required for participation. You may download the registration packet here. • Each church or school group will fill out one registration form for entrance. On this form, include school information and each individual student’s information along with the events each student is entering. Students should not fill out individual forms if participating with a group. Dress & Code of Conduct: It is the desire of the Independent Baptist Fine Arts Competition to have the highest standards of competition and Christian testimony. The following dress and conduct code has been developed from Scriptural principles to help each participant, sponsor, and spectator conform to the image of Christ. Strict adherence to these standards is expected of all participants, sponsors, parents, and visitors. Failure to do so may result in disqualification and/or expulsion from the campus. The dress and conduct code must be followed at all times- whether during a competition or apart from a competition, whether on campus or off campus. Code of Conduct: • Patience, kindness, and good sportsmanship are to be displayed at all times by all students, sponsors, parents, and visitors. • Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and is defined as but not limited to the following: * Insubordination or disruptive behavior by any student, sponsor, parent, or visitor toward any judge or competition official. * Willful destruction of property. * Reckless driving on campus. * Inappropriate speech. * Physical contact between unmarried members of the opposite sex. • Students and sponsors are required to attend all special services. • Students are to remain on campus at all times unless under the supervision of an adult sponsor from their group. The Dress Code: Men: • Men must have standard haircuts with hair tapered off the ears, off the collar and out of the eyes. * Sideburns should be no lower than the middle of the ear. * No fad or worldly haircuts including styles featuring extreme variations between close shaved and long hair. • Male participants must be clean shaven- no facial hair. • Male participants should wear a dress shirt (tucked-in), tie, and loose-fitting dress slacks. • All young men need to wear a suit jacket to the awards banquet. * A suit jacket should be worn when preaching. • No earrings, bracelets, necklaces, body-pierced jewelry, or tattoos allowed. • Men who are sponsors, parents, or friends should wear at least dress casual attire with collared shirts and pants. Ladies: • Ladies must only wear modest dresses or skirts, which cover the knees at all times when standing, walking, or sitting. * No slits are allowed. * Not form fitting. * No denim. • Modest tops should be worn. * No low or open necklines (front or back). * No sleeveless tops. * No see-through material. * Not form fitting. • No tattoos or body-pierced jewelry permitted except earrings. • Hair styles should be feminine with no unnatural hair coloring or worldly styles. • A Sunday dress-up outfit should be worn to the awards banquet. • Ladies who are sponsors, parents, or friends should wear at least dress casual attire while following the dress code outlined. Sponsors: Sponsors should be adults who are approved by the church or school they represent, and they are required to abide by the IBFAC dress and code of conduct. Events: • The Independent Baptist Fine Arts Competition offers five major divisions for participants to enter: Bible, sacred music, speech, art, and academics. • Students may compete in as many events as they can reasonably schedule. * Participants are required to enter at least two events. • Each student may only enter an event one time. * Students may enter one time in each category within a division. • Students are responsible for their own schedules. * Participants who miss a scheduled event may be disqualified. * Participants must arrive at the competition room no less than five minutes prior to their scheduled performance time, unless prior arrangements have been made with the judges in the room. • While every effort will be made to accommodate scheduling conflicts, irreconcilable conflicts will require forfeiture of the conflicting event. • There has to be a minimum of two entries (single or group) in order for the event to be held. * The event will not be held when there are only two entries and one of them withdraws prior to the event. * As a result, no awards will be given. Awards: • The best contestants in each category will receive medals for first, second, and third place. • Individual with best overall performance will receive a trophy. * Individual competition points will be the sum of individual events and will be calculated utilizing the point system standard used for the overall competition. * Group events with two or more competitors will not be counted towards the award. * For an individual to qualify for overall award he must have placed in three of the five major divisions of competition. • Trophies will be awarded to the schools and churches placing first, second, and third in each major division of competition. * Points will be awarded according to this standard: 3 points for each first-place award, 2 points for each second-place award, and 1 point for each third-place award. • A trophy will be awarded for the school or church with the best overall performance in all the major divisions. * Finishing first in any of the major divisions is worth 3 points; finishing second is worth 2 points; finishing third is worth 1 point. • Ties will be broken based on the highest number of first places earned by the school or individual.
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