Independent Baptist Fine Arts Competition
Pastor Jeff Fugate and I want to invite the teenagers in your church to participate in the first Independent Baptist Fine Arts Competition. The meeting is being sponsored by Commonwealth Baptist College and Clays Mill Road Baptist Church. It will be held on our college campus. It will begin on Thursday morning, April 12 and conclude on Friday, April 13, 2018. The competition will be for those in grades seven through twelve. • There will be professional judges who are experts in their areas. The trophies and awards will be worth keeping and challenging to earn. • This competition is for Independent Baptists. Every group, must be sponsored by an Independent Baptist church. (Your church is encouraged to send a group whether or not you have a Christian school. If your church has a Christian School, the school would send participants under the sponsorship of the church. All participants will come under the sponsorship of your church whether they are in the Christian school, home-schooled, or attend public school.) • The emphasis in this competition will be on things that are useful in the service of God and in the ministry. We have established the following major categories: Bible, Music, Speech, Art and Academics. We will have competition in preaching, solos, small musical groups, larger musical groups, and many other areas. If you have questions about anything you may contact me at the college office or send questions to our IBFAC email address which is
Sincerely, Dr. Jim Jorgensen Executive Vice President, Commonwealth Baptist College
Competition Rules
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