Institutional Distinctives

1. The Word of God proclaims in Isaiah 59:19,  "...When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.” There is no question that the “enemy” has been successful in flooding our churches and our country. We have been flooded with humanism, apathy, modernism, and a lack of a proper fear of God. It is our purpose, here at Commonwealth Baptist College, to be a “standard” used of God to be lifted up against the enemy in this most critical hour of human history. There are many who have come to the conclusion that the days of revival and soul winning are now past, and that the job of the Christian is to now simply occupy until He returns. We refuse to accept this lie of the devil and are committed to training young men and women with a heart for revival, a courage to attempt the impossible, a faith in God that is willing to step out on nothing but His promises, and a determination to make a difference for Christ in this generation and the generations to come.

2. Commonwealth Baptist College is an Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Bible college. We are proud of our Baptist Distinctives and hold strong to the Bible design of local churches being independent of any board or denominational headquarters. We are fundamental because we hold true to the fundamental doctrines and practices clearly taught in the Word of God. We refuse to change and compromise truth because of the pressure applied from the world and modernists. We are opposed to ecumenicalism, the modern charismatic movement, and any attempt to water-down and pervert what “Thus saith the LORD.”

3. The King James Version is the only English-language Bible that is used in our classes and allowed on campus.

4. Commonwealth Baptist College is a ministry of the Clays Mill Road Baptist Church. Our doctrines, policies, and finances will be directly accountable to the Pastor and to the church members of Clays Mill Road Baptist Church. It is our design to be a blessing and an educational alternative for fundamental, independent college students to consider. We do not want to be perceived as a threat to any other pastor or church.

5. Commonwealth Baptist College believes that strong families make for a strong church. Therefore, CBC is committed to going the “second mile” to instill in our students a genuine love and respect for their parents, and to also help students become well prepared for marriage and family.

6. Commonwealth Baptist College is evangelistic. We believe that soul winning is near the heart of God. All teachers and students are required to go soul winning weekly. On-campus students and all staff members participate in the ministries of Clays Mill Road Baptist Church. Students who attend their own local church are required to participate fully in their church’s activities.

7. Commonwealth Baptist College is old-fashioned. We have a dress code, and we believe in discipline. Absolutely no drinking, smoking, dancing, card-playing, movie-going or other questionable activities are allowed. We take a strong stand against modernism and apostasy.

8. Commonwealth Baptist College is practical in its training. We not only teach what to do, but also how to do it. Preacher boys are taught how to start churches, how to build buildings, how to raise money and adopt a budget, and how to organize, operate, and perpetuate a New Testament church.

9. Commonwealth Baptist College has “Pioneer-Spirit.” Students in our college will have the opportunity to participate in state-wide tent revival meetings and other exciting out-reach ministries. The Clays Mill Road Baptist Church has been able to start several new and thriving local churches as direct results of our tent meetings! We are always starting new ministries and looking for more ways to spread the Gospel to more people.

10. Commonwealth Baptist College strives at being balanced in all of our teachings and practices. We realize that most heresy starts when truth becomes unbalanced in its content or in its application. Our chief aim is to exalt our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and to bring honor to His name and not to any individuals or institutions.