Ministry Opportunities

Students at Commonwealth Baptist College do not simply learn principles of church growth; they are a part of the church growth at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church.  Take advantage of the opportunity to make a spiritual difference in other people’s lives while still in college!  Students will have the opportunity to be involved in the following weekly ministries:

  • Bus Ministry

  • Bhutan Ministry

  • Chinese Ministry

  • Nursing Home Ministry

  • Soulwinning Clubs

  • Church Visitation

  • Sunday School Classes

  • Junior Church

  • Teen Van Routes

Not only can students take part in these weekly outreach ministries, but there are other ministry opportunities at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church also.  Go with church groups as we prepare and have tent meetings all over the state, work to plant churches, hold national conferences to encourage and challenge other Christians and hold public rallies to stand against sin in our state.