Our Vision  The purpose of Commonwealth Baptist College is to train the next generation of Christian servants to rise up and do a work for the Lord in the roles of pastors, teachers, missionaries, musicians, secretaries, youth workers, and dedicated church members. Therefore, we at Commonwealth Baptist College believe that “one man” can make a difference for God! In Ezekiel 22:30, we find that God is in search of a Christian who is surrendered to the will and work of God. Here at Commonwealth Baptist College we are training servants who are surrendered to “make a difference” for God in their generation. As David made a difference, you, too, can make a difference. As the Apostle Paul made a difference, you, too, can make a difference. Our founding church, Clays Mill Road Baptist Church, and Commonwealth Baptist College are young in age, but we are old-fashioned in principle. Commonwealth Baptist College is not a business; it is a training center for the ministry. If the book of Acts provided a sound formula for church building in a past generation, this formula is still reliable for today. We are satisfied that the message and method is till the same. For more than twenty years, we have watched our church grow providing the springboard to start several churches around our state. In addition, the founding of Commonwealth Baptist College has accelerated this process resulting in young men graduating and successfully starting indigenous Baptist churches that are sound in doctrine and separated from the world. At Commonwealth Baptist College one can see the ministry in action as our students serve at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church. Not only can you, as our student, be involved in the ministry, but you can prepare to lead in these ministries. For example, you can prepare to lead in the Sunday school ministry, church planting ministry, bus ministry, soul winning clubs, missions ministry, children’s choirs, the television and radio ministry, nursing home ministry, Christian education, teen van ministry, youth ministry, and many more. God is not only allowing Clays Mill Road Baptist Church to make a difference in our state of Kentucky, but He is allowing this ministry to have an impact across America. We invite you to spend your training years for the ministry here at Commonwealth Baptist College located in the beautiful bluegrass sate of Kentucky! Our vision is to continue this impact as long as our Lord allows or until Jesus returns! We believe you will be glad that you chose Commonwealth Baptist College!
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