Dr. Jeff Fugate Dr. Jeff Fugate

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Dr. Jeffery J. Fugate became the Pastor of the Clays Mill Road Baptist Church in May of 1991. There were 18 people his first service as pastor.  The church has grown an average of 100 members per year for twenty years. God is dynamically using Dr. Fugate in leading the church to record attendance, to start new out-reach ministries, and in helping his church members experience personal revival and Christian growth. During these nineteen years the church has started Commonwealth Baptist College, Clays Mill Road Baptist Academy and many other ministries.

When Dr. Fugate was a young boy, God led his father, Sam Fugate to start the Bible Baptist Church in Hazard, Kentucky.   There was tremendous opposition to the work, but God blessed that ministry in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky in a marvelous ways.  The church was setting records for attendance and salvations for any church in that region.  Many were called to full-time service and are still in the ministry today.  Then in 1983 cancer invaded Sam Fugate’s body when he was only 38 years of age.  He went to heaven in 1985 at the age of 40.  The church called Jeff Fugate to become pastor at the age of 21.  He pastored there for five years, and God continued His wonderful blessing on the work.  Then in 1991, God led Dr. Fugate to leave that thriving work to become pastor of Clays Mill Road Baptist Church in Lexington. 

Dr. Fugate is the pastor of the Clays Mill Road Baptist Church. 

Also, after the home-going of Dr. Wally Beebe, Dr. Fugate became the editor of the Church Bus News and regularly conducts regional bus conferences as well as the National Bus Conference.  Dr. Fugate is also the preacher on the daily Voice of the Appalachians Radio Broadcast which was founded by Dr. B. R. Lakin.. Dr. Fugate and Clays Mill Road Baptist Church have recently been instrumental in starting twenty new churches in Kentucky and other states. Dr. Fugate has authored several books and preaches regularly in national conferences.

  • Church Education
Dr. Russell Anderson Dr. Russell Anderson

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Dr. Anderson is currently a member of the Clays Mill Road Baptist Church and has an apartment on the campus of Commonwealth Baptist College. The Commonwealth of Kentucky holds a special place in the affections of Dr. Russell Anderson. Dr. Anderson was born and reared in McDowell, (Floyd County) Kentucky.

Although God moved Dr. Anderson to Michigan, where he built several successful businesses, he has not lost his burden to see the starting of Independent Fundamental Baptist churches in Kentucky. God moved on the heart of Dr. Anderson to become the co-founder of Commonwealth Baptist College and to have a part in this vital ministry of training soul winners and Christian leaders.  In addition to his affiliation with Commonwealth Baptist College Dr. Anderson is the co-founder of three other Bible Colleges in this country and six more in other countries.  His giving to missions has directly led to the salvation of over twelve million souls, all of whose names and salvation date are recorded by Dr. Anderson’s staff.  He is a stalwart in fundamentalism, preaching with the power of the Holy Spirit in scores of churches every year.

Dr. James Jorgensen Dr. James S. Jorgensen

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Princeton University, B.A.

Tennessee Temple Seminary, M.Div.

Hyles-Anderson College, D.D.

Forty-two years of teaching experience. Thirty-seven years of experience as a college administrator. Assistant Pastor in Virginia. Sunday school teacher for twenty-three years. Sunday School Director for sixteen years. Bus worker for thirty-four years.

Dr. Jorgensen is the “C” Bus and Sunday School Director at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church. He and his wife visit on a bus route almost every week.

  • Bible Doctrines I, II
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Biblical Separation
  • Calculus
  • General Psychology
  • Master’s Practicum
  • Personal Finance
  • Philosophy of Education
Dr. Daryl Whitehouse Dr. Daryl Whitehouse

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Hyles-Anderson College, B.A., M. Ed.

Revival Fires Baptist College, Th.D.

Twenty years of college teaching experience.  Seven years as a college Dean of Students.  Sunday school teacher twenty-four years. Bus worker and Bible club ministry nineteen years.  One year in the pastorate. 

Dr. Whitehouse is currently the teacher of the Abundant Life adult Sunday school class.

  • History Of Civilization I & II
  • United States History I & II
  • Post-Reformation Europe
  • Baptist History I & II


Michael Barkley Michael Barkley

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Commonwealth Baptist College, B.S., M.S.

Bus worker for eleven years; Sunday school teacher eight years; three years college teaching experience; five years of experience on Christian camp staff.
Currently serves as a bus captain and Sunday school teacher. Works with maintenance and computers at Commonwealth Baptist College.
Computer Basics

Spread Sheets and Data Bases
David Bobbitt David Bobbitt

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Commonwealth Baptist College, B.S., M.S.

Bus ministry eight years; Captian of the same route for six years; assistant to the C Bus Director at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church; Sunday school worker eight years.
Currently serves and a bus captain and assistant to the C Bus Director. 
Design and Layout

Elisabeth  Brown Elisabeth Brown

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Pensacola Christian College, B.S.

Pensacola Christian College, M.S.

Fifteen years of teaching experience at the college level. Six years as a music coordinator and work with dramatic presentations.

Miss Brown is currently serving as church pianist for the Sunday services at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church. She is also a bus worker and a member of the GLOW ladies soul winning club.

  • Beginning Piano
  • English 099
  • English 101
  • Hymn Playing
  • Mixed Ensemble
  • Music Theory I, II, III, IV
  • Private Piano
  • Private Voice
  • Sight Singing & Rhythm I, II, III, IV
William Davis William Davis

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University of Kentucky

Commonwealth Baptist College, B.S.

Three and a half years experience as Pastor. Eleven years as a Sunday School teacher and Bus Captain. Three years teaching experience at the college level.

Bro. Davis is currently serving as Youth Pastor and Director of Teen Van Routes at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church. He is also Financial Manager at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church, Commonwealth Baptist College and Circle C Baptist Ranch.

Church & School Accounting

Michael Dunn Michael Dunn

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Hyles-Anderson College, B.S.

Twenty-two years of experience as an Assistant Pastor. Eight years as a Christian School Principal. Eleven years of college teaching experience.

Bro. Dunn is currently an Assistant Pastor and Sunday School Superintendent at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church. He also teaches the Yielded Hearts Sunday school class for couples.

  • Church Construction
  • Introduction to Missions
  • Life of Christ
  • Prayer
Suzanne Dunn Suzanne Dunn

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Hyles-Anderson College, B.S.

Eleven years of experience as an elementary and high school teacher. Eleven years of college teaching experience. Bus worker for seven years. Sunday school teacher and worker for thirty-two years.  Church accompanist over thirty years.

Mrs. Dunn is currently serving as director of the church ladies' Phoster Club and serves with her husband in the Yielded Hearts couples’ Sunday school class he teaches.  She is also serving as the accompanist for Spanish services, is a choir member, and helps organize groups for special music in church services.

  • English 101
  • English 102
  • Fundamentals of Music
  • Private Piano
  • Speech
  • Teaching Math in Elementary School
  • Teaching Music to Young People
  • Teaching Reading & Language Arts
Michelle Fugate Michelle Fugate

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Hyles-Anderson College

Mrs. Fugate has been our Pastor’s wife for twenty-four years. She is a very successful wife, mother and “first lady of our ministry.” She has been a church pianist and organist since she was a teenage girl.

Mrs. Fugate is the music coordinator at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church and an active soul winner in GLOW Ladies Soul Winning Club.

  • Christian Womanhood
  • Philosophy of Music
  • Private Piano
  • Tour Group
Steve Johnson Steve Johnson

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West Virginia University Institute of Technology, B.S.M.E.

One year teaching at the college level. 
Thirteen years of experience as a mechanical engineer at LexMark.

Nursing home ministry one year.  Eighteen years in the bus ministry.  Fourteen years as a bus driver.  Fourteen years as the Bus Director at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church.
Bro. Johnson is the bus director at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church and also serves as a bus driver.  He is also involved in the church choir and other soul winning ministries.
Physics 101
Physics 102
Marilyn Jorgensen Marilyn Jorgensen

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Tennessee Temple University, B.A.

Twenty years of teaching experience in elementary schools and colleges. Sunday school teacher and worker for twenty-one years. Bus worker for twenty-one years.

Mrs. Jorgensen is currently a bus worker and bus Sunday school assistant.

  • Child Character Training
  • Children’s Literature
  • General Teaching Methods
  • Student Teaching
  • Teaching Art, Music & P.E.
Jason Porter Jason Porter

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Commonwealth Baptist College

 Ashland Community College

 Started Gospel Light Baptist Church in Ashland, Kentucky in 2002 and continues to serve there as pastor. God has blessed him with a solid membership, buildings and property
Currently serves as the pastor of Gospel Light Baptist Church of Ashland, Kentucky. Previously, assistant pastor and bus director for three years, and Sunday school teacher for fourteen years.
  • Old Testament Survey I and II
  • Proverbs
Dave Smith Dave Smith, Dr.

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Faith Baptist College

Providence Baptist College, D. Min.

Forty-one years of experience in different aspects of youth work. Camp Director for twenty-nine years. Three years of pastoral experience and thirteen years as an Assistant Pastor. Six years of work as a Christian school administrator and teacher. Five years teaching college.

Dr. Smith is currently serving as an Assistant Pastor at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church. He is also Director of Circle C Baptist Ranch, the camp operated by our church. He also teaches a growing adult Sunday School class called Life Builders at the church.

  • I & II Kings
  • I & II Samuel
  • Prayer
  • Youth Work
Shauna Smith Shauna Smith

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Laurie Whitehouse Laurie Whitehouse

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Hyles-Anderson College, B.S.

Eleven years of experience as a college English teacher. Thirteen years in the bus ministry and Bible clubs. Sunday school teacher for thirteen years.
Mrs. Whitehouse currently assists her husband in Abundant Life adult Sunday school class. She is active in church soul winning.
  • English 102
  • Advanced Grammar and Composition
Derek Young Derek Young

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Hyles-Anderson College, B.S.
Three years of experience as a Pastor.  Two years of experience as a teacher and administrator in grade school and high school.  Thirteen years of college teaching and staff experience.  Bus worker for four years.  Sunday school teacher and worker for twelve years.

Bro. Young is currently serving in the church choir, College Soul Winning Van Leader, and active in church visitation ministry. Bro. Young is the teacher of the Cornerstone adult Sunday school class.

  • Literature
  • America’s Biblical Heritage
  • Bible Geography & Customs
  • Biographies of Great Men
  • Church Staff Member
  • Daniel & Revelation
  • General Math
  • General Science
  • Pastoral Epistles
  • Teaching Science & History
Elizabeth Young Elizabeth Young

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Hyles-Anderson College, B.S.

Seven years of teaching experience. Bus worker for twelve years. Sunday school teacher for thirteen years.

Mrs. Young is currently active in church choir, singing groups, and church soul winning groups.

  • Sewing
Troy Young Troy Young , Dr.

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.Hyles-Anderson College, B.S.

Hyles-Anderson College, M.Ed.

Baptist College of America, D. Min.

Twenty-one years of experience as a high school teacher. Twelve years of college teaching experience. Grade school and high school principal for thirteen years. Church choir director for fifteen years. Youth Pastor for five years. Sunday school teacher for eight years. Bus ministry for three years.  Radio ministry for fifteen years.

Dr. Young is currently serving as Principal of Clays Mill Road Christian Academy, Choir Director and Congregational song leader at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church. He is also involved in the church soul winning ministries and produces the "Voice of the Appalachians" radio broadcast.

  • Government, Economics & Geography
  • History of the Reformation
  • Post-Reformation Europe
  • History of World Wars I & II
  • King James Bible
  • School Administration
  • Song Leading I, II