Here at Commonwealth Baptist College, we believe in the importance of having fun. From dorm life to social life, there are many exciting ways to make life-long friendships!
Our Feed: Dorm Life
College cannot take the place of home, but we do our very best to provide accommodating and comfortable dormitory rooms for our Commonwealth Baptist College dormitory students. If you are a parent sending your child to our college, we consider is a great privilege to house and educate your children, and we are willing to do what we can to cater to their needs. Our dormitory rooms comfortably house up to five students. Each room has heating and air conditioning and a complete bathroom. Dormitory life offers an opportunity for students to grow together and develop life-long relationships.
Spiritual Life
What is your life’s purpose? What is God’s perfect will for your life? Even those answers are not found in a Bible college classroom, but rather, in your personal walk with God. Commonwealth Baptist College is not just a place where students aim to achieve a degree, but a place where they can grow closer to God in their walk with Him. We want to prepare our students for the ministry. As our student, the most important thing we can do is help you take your relationship with Christ to the next level. This is how you find the will of God for your life! It is the key to having the power of God in your life! We are persistent in encouraging our students to follow God with all of their hearts.
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