What to Bring The administration desires that our dormitory men and ladies live and maneuver as comfortably as possible while attending Commonwealth Baptist College, therefore, following is information regarding our provisions for dorm residents and guidelines regarding what dorm residents may bring into the dormitory: What's Provided • One twin bed per resident (bunk beds) • Three dresser drawers per resident • A closet space approximately two and a half feet in length per resident • A shelf above each closet space per resident • Enclosed cabinet in ladies dorm rooms providing a storage space of 15” x 29" per resident • A vanity counter with mirror (residents share) • A full bathroom in each dorm room • Air-conditioning and heating with a control in each room What You Should Bring • Bedding for a twin bed which should include pillow, pillow case, sheets and blanket/comforter/bedspread • Towels and washcloths • Alarm clock • Laundry detergent • Hangers • A dirty clothes hamper with a lid per resident Approximate size of 12” x 12” and 2 ½ feet in height • One to two cube storage containers for storage on tops of closet shelves; approximate size of 12”x12” Optional Items: • One mini refrigerator per TWO STUDENTS in the dorm room A refrigerator may not exceed 33 inches in height. This ratio will be followed: 3-4 residents per room: 2 refrigerators are allowed. 5-6 residents per room: 3 refrigerators are allowed. Students who do not have a small refrigerator should not purchase one before coming to college. When you arrive at the college, you can determine whether or not the refrigerator allowance in the room has been met, or whether you may purchase one. Students will need to share their refrigerator space. • ONE microwave per room, average size of 17” wide x 13” deep x 10” high. Students should not purchase a microwave before arriving to college. If, after arriving on campus, you find that none of your roommates have a microwave, then a microwave may be purchased for the room. • Maximum of TWO FOLDING chairs per room, not exceeding 24” - 30” in floor space • Appliances allowed: Radios, lamps, irons, fans, hair dryers, electric razors, and record/tape/CD players What's Not Allowed • Television sets, hot plates, popcorn poppers, electric skillets, and any other cooking appliances. • Exercise equipment and weights are not allowed in the dorm rooms. • Furniture items, other than what has already been mentioned, are not allowed.
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